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Off The King's Road is now available as an e-book for Nook and Kindle from Roadswell Publishers.


This intimate, intense, adult workshop in personal writing seeks to help you discover and frame in literary fashion the stories of your life; stories you may have thought about telling,struggled to tell, or stories you may not even know you have to tell. These stories lie just below the level of consciousness waiting to be revealed, tweaked by a current event, something you read, an emotion aroused by an encounter with a family member, friend or lover. Our vehicles are the personal essay and memoir. The classes will consist of reading each students work written from seductive weekly prompts followed by critiques aimed at helping you to develop and revise your material. The search for “Voice” is paramount. Long time projects will be welcome. There will also be reading assignments to turn you on and keep you moving – which along with helping you to develop your writing strategies is the broad goal of the workshop..

I have taught creative writing workshops at Columbia University, The New School and NYU. This workshop in Personal Writing has been running in ten week sessions since September 2010 and has attracted an accomplished and talented group of memoir writers, essayists and fiction writers who have gone on to publication and other significant attention. It is scheduled for Tuesday evenings between 6.30 and 8.30 PM. The next session will begin in September of 2016 and you may apply by submitting a writing sample. You can email me with any questions or submit your writing sample to me at .