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"Off The Kings Road, Lost and Found in London," now an e-book for NOOK and Kindle from Roadswell Editions. Available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Off The King's Road - Lost and Found in London, Otherpress, 2007, Roadswell Editions, 2013

Fascinating... Laugh aloud funny.
--Los Angeles Times

Immensely appealing...

A compelling memoir that captures an era; Raphael's account of the English uneasily teetering between ingrained restraint and letting it all hang out is acute -hilarious and sad. Raphael is a talented writer and she captures her heightened awareness of post marital split life with refreshing vigor.

They Got What They Wanted,
W.W. Norton, Popular Library

Phyllis Raphael writes about a marriage and a divorce with merciless efficiency...
--The Village Voice

Beating the Love Affair Rap and Other Tales From the Village Voice, Orca Press, 1983

...these pieces are priceless, those of us who originally read them in the Voice were staggered by their sheer nerve and then hushed by their truth. To read them again in a collection makes the psyche practically salivate all over again. They are funny enough to make you want to Xerox chapters right and left and hand them out to conspiratorial friends and suspicious strangers on the street... desperate urban comedy, grounded in that fiery furnace, the human heart.
--Seymour Krim